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3rd Grade General Music

In 3rd grade general music, students work on becoming more independent musicians through working as part of a small ensemble. In these small ensembles, students develop singing skills and instrument techniques playing instruments including drums, recorders, and xylophones. Students will compose, notate, and perform original pieces of music throughout the year using an expanding repertoire of rhythms and pitches. An emphasis is placed on self- and group-evaluation to develop critical listening skills and to help students improve their own performances.


Check back to this page throughout the year for resources, recordings, and other materials to explore at home.



3rd Grade Performance Practice Tracks

*links to YouTube


Autumn to May

If I Had a Hammer

Canadian Partner Songs

Dansi Na Kuimba

Path to the Moon

Sing Alleluia, Allelu



Bonefish, Bluebird Composition Project


Students recently completed their first composition project of the year! Each student composed a melody for a line of a poem, notated the melody, and learned to play it on the xylophone.


Click your teachers' name below to listen to the compositions written by your class! (all videos are hosted on YouTube--make sure you have parent permission before clicking on any of these links!)


Doña Merced Coyote Canyon
Crocker Bihary
Glass Mayhew
Guevara Palacios