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Are you interested in financially supporting the music program?

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and ask to "adopt" the music room! 



The music program is excited to announce that we have received two grants to support student compositions projects! For more information about these grants, click the links below.


Voya Financial: $2,000

“The Next Great Composer,” focuses on helping students develop, evaluate, improve and perform their own musical compositions, which they will compile into personal portfolios. Due to the school’s lack of instruments, Bollacker has to focus her lessons on singing, which severely limits the types of composition activities that she can conduct in her class. With the Voya grant, she plans to purchase instruments that will enable her to give her students a well-rounded musical education. Through this project, Bollacker hopes to help her students become skilled musicians whose compositions are highlighted in the classroom, at annual music performances, and in portfolios that document their work over a period of five years.



The Mockingbird Foundation: $10,000

The funds awarded will be used to provide students with the instruments needed to enable students to continue to grow as composers. Students will use a variety of melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic instruments, including Orff xylophones, ukuleles, and drums to learn how to compose, notate, and perform music from a variety of genres and styles. Students will study influential composers as well as a variety of genres to provide them with a foundation of musical understanding that can be used to inform their compositions. In addition, students will learn to sing, play, and perform a variety of songs from around the world to give them a musical vocabulary that can be used to help them notate and perform their own compositions.



The music program is excited to announce that we have received funding from

Donors Choose to purchase recording equipment!

Listening to high-quality audio recordings will allow students to critically analyze their performances and become better musicians. We will use this audio recording equipment to record all musical performances, both formal and informal, throughout the year. Students will use the recordings, both their own and others, to reflect upon and improve their performances. We will also share the recordings with teachers and families to showcase the hard work of these amazing young musicians.